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Sunny side up: Solar panels added to the roof

We are excited to see the photovoltaic solar panels going in on the roof of our Visitor Center and Administration Building, under construction!

Catching some rays of solar energy is just one piece of the plan that will make both new buildings environmentally sustainable, designed to LEED Platinum standards and Net Positive (Administration Building) and LEED Gold standards and Net Zero (Visitor Center). To be Net Positive, the goal is for the building will actually generate more energy than it will use -- and the excess energy will help power the Visitor Center. A variety of green technologies go toward making that possible, like solar panels, geothermal bore holes for heating and cooling, automatic shades to track sun movement and more.

Discover more about environmental sustainability (AKA "going green") in the new Visitor Center and Administration Building here. Sustainability is one of Ford House's main focuses for the future, and we would love for you to check out the sustainable efforts planned in by our architects, SmithGroup.

Solar panels going in on our roof.

Thanks to our builder Frank Rewold & Son for the awesome photo above of the solar panels on both buildings. Administration Building (left) and Visitor Center (right).

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