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Look at the Latest: Recent Photos

It's time to scroll and marvel at the latest and greatest photos from our construction site!

It won't be a construction site for too much longer, with the doors to the Visitor Center projected to open in spring 2021. After that, we'll be telling more Ford family stories, offering deeper dives into the history, and bringing you excellent dining and shopping experiences. Our staff will be moving their offices into the new Administration Building, alleviating the wear and tear on the historic house and historic cottages. Learn more about our exciting expansion: Find details on our Visitor Center and Administration Building and check out the video on our About page.

It'll all be here before we know it. Here's where we are at the moment:

^ The Visitor Center has doors now, so we'll be able to open them to you in April!

^ The ceiling inside the Visitor Center's new restaurant, The Continental.

^ Work outside the Visitor Center on the lake side.

^ Outdoor lighting on the Administration Building patio (right) with bird-safe windows, connected to the plaza to the Visitor Center (left).

^ The Visitor Center.

^ The Visitor Center and floor-to-ceiling glass windows into The Shop.

^ The plaza between the Visitor Center and Administration Building and bird-safe glass windows.

^ The outdoor plaza. Visitor Center on the right. Ford Cove ahead.

^ Looking toward the Administration Building from the direction of the Visitor Center.

^ The beginnings of the quick-bite food and beverage counter inside the new Visitor Center.

^ A covered walkway outside the Visitor Center.

^ Elegant tile inside the Visitor Center.

^ The Visitor Center main staircase.

^ The Visitor Center main staircase from the lobby.

^ Flooring in the new exhibition gallery.

^ The view of Ford Cove from the Visitor Center's second-floor event space.

^ The Visitor Center lobby.

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