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Growing & Learning: the Education Garden

One of the newest developments in our expansion project is that the construction crew put in plant mix for an education garden. It may just look like soil in this photo -- but soon, it will be as beautiful as fall colors and lovely stone work you can see here.

The education garden site is located outside of the future education wing of our new Visitor Center, coming in 2021. The wing includes multi-purpose rooms that will be used for our educational programming. The garden will be an asset to our educational offerings next year and beyond. One of our popular ongoing series is a wide variety of workshops and lectures focused on gardening and landscaping. We also provide science-based nature learning, especially for young learners. So the new garden will allow our education team to build in chances for our visitors to “dig in,” so to speak -- observing and learning hands-on.

Edsel and Eleanor placed high value on education, the restorative benefits of spending time outdoors, and they enjoyed gardening and bird-watching.

We are stewards of this historic 87-acre property, its beautiful gardens and National Historic Landmark landscapes -- and we are stewards to the community by providing opportunities for curious minds to explore learning while enjoying the estate.

Our education team will continue to create and facilitate excellent programs, lectures and tours, loved by Ford House visitors of all ages. When the Visitor Center’s education wing opens, our programs will be even better with the addition of more conducive indoor spaces, seating, and the option to shift indoors in case of rain.

The education wing and garden site is located in bottom right-hand corner of the aerial photo below.

The Visitor Center is projected to open in spring 2021. Onward and upward!

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