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Fall brings construction inside, outside & all around

We've had lovely fall weather lately here in southeast Michigan. And good weather means good progress on the construction of our Visitor Center and administration building.

Outside, the buildings do appear near complete. But construction, of course, includes more than just the buildings' structure, stone exterior, slate roof, and bird-safe windows. So what’s the progress? It’s both inside and around the buildings.


Inside the Visitor Center, walls, floors, and finishes are being installed, and kitchen equipment has been built in to serve our new restaurant. These things will pave the way for next steps, including the assembly and construction of our brand new exhibits!

The exhibits will allow us to show visitors much more of the collection of historical objects Ford House owns, including one-of-a-kind cars from Edsel Ford’s personal collection.

Outside & All Around

Around the Visitor Center and admin building, an outdoor plaza has just been handsomely paved. The plaza will serve our visitors as a walkway between the two buildings and provide access to parking.

Moss (Ford House’s official goose-chasing dog) approves of the completed plaza!

Another project forging forward in the area directly around the buildings: Transforming what is now dirt into stunning landscapes with beautiful trees, flowers and plants. But first, those dirt areas need, well... more dirt. The crew is preparing the top soil to be added so we can bring the landscapes and gardens to life.

Stay tuned for more updates soon.

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