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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Added

We are proud to share that we now have electric vehicle charging stations, offering charging for four vehicles in front of the new Visitor Center. They will provide convenience for visitors to charge their car while touring, shopping, walking the grounds or dining at Ford House.

In the interest of encouraging sustainable and environmentally friendly choices, Ford House is making the chargers available to guests at no cost.

The chargers are 240 volt, 40 amp JuiceBox Pro 40 Dual Level 2 Pedestal Style Chargers. These are smart, connected chargers, discoverable on driving and EV applications that help locate places to charge.

The addition of EV chargers aligns with our energy efficiency goals. Both the Visitor Center and Administration Building were designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in the forefront. The facilities were designed to offset energy use with solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, bioswales for filtering rainwater runoff, and sensors for modulating lighting and ventilation systems.

The grand opening of the new buildings will be in spring 2021.

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