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Construction Restarted! (With Extra Care for Pandemic Safety)

We are thrilled that construction on our new Visitor Center and Administration Building was able to restart this week! Construction had temporarily on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our contractors Frank Rewold & Sons are taking precautions to protect the workers and keep them safe and healthy.

We are happy to share with you these side-by-side pictures of recent progress inside the buildings.The construction is really starting to look like the renderings!

Due to the recent pause in construction, the timeline for the grand opening is still under reconsideration. Keep an eye on this website for updates.

We're looking forward to all the great new things we can bring to our visitors when the new facilities are completed. Like new exhibits, a new restaurant and a beautiful event space -- just to name a few!

Visitor Center Social Space "The Cove"

Visitor Center Staircase

Visitor Center New Restaurant

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