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Look Familiar?

Photo 1: New Admin Building. Photo 2: Historic Main Residence.

Have you noticed that our new Visitor Center and Administration Building look a little... familiar?

Both structures have a clean, modern look, but they were also designed to distinctly complement the historic Main Residence and other historic buildings on the estate like the Gate Lodge, Power House and Recreation Building. All of which were designed in the late 1920s by acclaimed Detroit architect Albert Kahn.

The new facilities are being built on the northernmost part of the estate, set away from the historic core. Although they will not be directly adjacent to the historic buildings, they will still feel like they fit with the overall style and beauty of the estate.

It's fun to notice the similarities between the new buildings and the historic Main Residence.

The peaks are the same angle.

The roofs are slate and the walls are stone.

Notice the similar window dormers.


We feel it's fitting that our new buildings will feature a look that's both modern and classic.

Edsel and Eleanor chose the English Cotswold style for their home -- perhaps a more "old world" look -- but the couple shared a lifelong passion for design and art. They appreciated classic styles, but also welcomed forward-thinking design.

For example, Edsel took a liking to Streamline Moderne, a style that emerged in the 1930s, and they had a few rooms in the Main Residence redecorated in that style. Edsel and Eleanor also donated to the Detroit Institute of Arts to start their Modern design wing.

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