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Interview: President and Project Manager Give an In-Depth Update

President & CEO Mark Heppner stands in the space which will become the new restaurant inside the Visitor Center and looks out at the view of Ford Cove.

Heppner exploring recent progress on the Administration Building.

The Grosse Pointe News came by to get the scoop on how the new Visitor Center and Administration Building are coming along. They talked with Ford House President & CEO Mark Heppner, as well as Project Manager & Director of Landscapes Karl Koto and Director of Communications & Engagement Clare Pfeiffer.

Check out the article:

From the article

“These buildings will be transformational for this organization and this community,” Mark Heppner, Ford House president and CEO said. “They will tell the Ford family story in a more relevant, meaningful way. We’re not just sleepy old Ford House over here. These (will be) world-class buildings sitting here in our community.”

“(The building is) water tight and has temperature protection for heating interior spaces,” Project Manager Karl Koto said. “The inside spaces are well-defined now. In some locations, drywall is going up and they’re starting electrical. With climate control, we can put in the final finishes — custom finishes, flooring, wall coverings. We’ll start that early next year.”

“One thing that excites me the most is our focus on the historic core,” Heppner said. “… We are so rich in historic resources, historical assets,” he added. “There’s so much (in storage) that people don’t see. … We’ll be able to utilize that in ways we’ve never done before, to see the estate come alive in a very different way.”

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