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Picture This: Breathtaking New Aerial Photos

If you're having any trouble visualizing the remarkable facilities we'll be adding to the Ford House experience, go ahead and check out these incredible new aerial photos below.

Picture the future of Ford House with these new buildings: You will be able to more deeply explore the story, background, and history of the Ford family and the estate through brand new exhibits. Never-before-seen artifacts will be on display. You can enjoy a workshop, a class, or a field trip using one of our new education spaces. With our new expanded restaurant, you'll be able to spend a day on the estate with the option to dine in the Visitor Center for lunch or dinner. You can host your gathering in our rental space which will overlook a gorgeous expanse of Ford Cove, which you can see in the photos below.

This landmark expansion is tucked on the northern end of the property, the innermost curve of Ford Cove, leaving the historic core of the estate undisturbed.

Thank you to our contractor Frank Rewold & Sons for sharing these beautiful aerial shots with us.

Above: Visitor Center and a view of the horizon on Lake St. Clair.

Above: Administration Building.

Above: Administration Building (left), Visitor Center (right), and Ford Cove opening into Lake St. Clair.

Above: Visitor Center.

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