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Ford House announces plans for first exhibition in new Visitor Center

Exhibition featuring three historic vehicles will showcase Edsel Ford’s artistic vision and influence on automotive design

1939 Lincoln Continental Prototype

1932 Model 18 Ford Speedster

1934 Model 40 Ford Special Speedster

Ford House revealed plans for its first exhibit set for the 2020 opening of its new Visitor Center. The Driven by Design exhibit will feature three one-of-a-kind vehicles – the world’s only 1939 Lincoln Continental prototype, the 1932 Ford Model 18 Speedster and 1934 Ford Model 40 Special Speedster – to tell the story of Edsel Ford’s role in bringing design to Ford Motor Company.

“We added the 1939 Lincoln Continental prototype to our collection in 2018, and this exhibit will be the first time in history these three vehicles will be in the same room, let alone all together at Ford House,” said Mark Heppner, president and CEO of Ford House. “Driven by Design will celebrate Edsel Ford’s role in elevating design in automotive styling and will capture his design influence at Ford Motor Company.”

Driven by Design will provide visitors with a deeper understanding of Edsel Ford’s passion for design. The exhibition of the 1939 Lincoln Continental prototype, the 1932 Ford Model 18 Speedster, and 1934 Ford Model 40 Special Speedster will explore the evolution of automobile design throughout the years, as well as the impact of the design partnership between Edsel and E.T. “Bob” Gregorie – Ford’s chief designer at that time.

Visitors will have an up-close look at the Lincoln prototype and the two Speedsters, letting them see the beauty and details in the styling of these historic vehicles. A hands-on activity will let guests explore the creative process behind designing cars, including the colors, fabrics and textures.

The new Ford House Visitor Center will open in late 2020. It will also include a new restaurant, museum shop, rental space, classrooms, and exhibit galleries.

“We are counting down the days until we can open our doors and invite the public to learn even more of the rich history of the Ford family legacy,” Heppner added.

The Visitor Center exhibits were designed by Luci Creative, and both buildings were designed by architectural firm SmithGroup and constructed by Frank Rewold & Son Inc.

The public will have an opportunity for a sneak peek at the 1939 Lincoln Continental prototype during the annual Father’s Day EyesOn Design car show at Ford House on Sunday, June 16. The vehicle will not be on display again until the new exhibition debuts next year.

Rendering of Driven by Design exhibit

Rendering of Driven by Design exhibit

Rendering of Driven by Design exhibit

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